6 inch Realistic Afro Wig


The best quality human hair afro wig. Create engaging hair styles for clients who demand the most realistic looking wigs. Made for use in film, television, and theater; these wigs compete with the most high end, custom made wigs. Each wig is hand made with a blend of human and/or synthetic hairs placed one at a time on ultra-fine lace resulting in a natural-looking, lighter density wig. The wig comes unstyled but can be cut and styled to any desired look. Available in Platinum, Basic Red, Dark Brown, Salt & Pepper, and Basic Black. Swatches for color reference only.

Original John Blake film quality human hair men costume wig platinum 6 inch regular
Original John Blake film quality human hair men costume wig dark brown 6 inch sides and back
Original John Blake film quality human hair men costume wig salt and pepper 6 inch sides and back
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full lace afrofront lace afro

Detail of Inner Lace Construction

Men’s Colors

This is for a bleached blonde look. This color is 50% synthetic & 50% human hair.

Basic Red
This is a blend of red shades to achieve a natural Basic Red, with subtle highlights in the crown area, slightly deeper shade in the nape area. True Red Tones. This color is 50% synthetic & 50% human hair.

Dark Brown
The darkest color with a very slight touch of grey for a realistic depth of color. This color is 100% human hair.

Salt and Pepper
A natural blend of white and dark human hair for that touch of grey look. Slightly more grey in temple area. This color is 100% synthetic hair.

Basic Black
This is the darkest shade basic black, with very subtly dark brown highlights in the crown area and deeper in the nape area. This color is 100% human hair.

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions12.25 × 9 × 3 in
Men's Colors

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Excellent Men's Wig

Excellent quality and color, and texture. Fast delivery.

Mens facial hair and wig

Good quality and easy to work with


I didn’t realize until I opened the package that the wig has a receding hairline , which isn’t how my real hair line looks so it’s hard to make it look realistic on myself

John Blake’s Men’s wigs

I am most impressed with John Blake’s wig for not only the quality, but also for the price. This is the second time that I have purchase this product. In September I am teaching a class for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts — I will be demonstrating with one of Mr. Blake’s wigs. I am sure the students will be thrilled to see how a character makeup can be greatly enhanced with the addition of quality hairpieces!

Totally Hooked on John Blake's products.

I have bought other products from John Blake but this is the first wig I have bought. I expected very good quality due to past purchases, but this far exceeds my expectations. This wig fits my head almost as if it were custom made for me. It gives me perfect full coverage, front hairline, back, sides, temples, everywhere. The color is exactly what I wanted for my project & once it is cut & styled, I know it will be undetectable. In fact, when I have this wig on, even I am almost fooled it to thinking it is my own real hair! It is just that good! I am totally hooked on John Blake products.