John Blake (Portfolio / IMDB / Wikipedia) is a renowned make-up artist who has designed all the pieces in our line.  His work as a make-up artist can be seen in Fargo, There Will Be Blood, Planet Of The Apes, Tropic Thunder, Angels and Demons, Iron Man, , and Guardian of the Galaxy 2.

John Blake creates Wigs and Facial Hair with a passion for artistry. By blending four or five colors, and using a low density of hand-tied hair, he gives his creations a more realistic look and provides enhanced options for styling. Both men’s and women’s Wigs feature a natural hairline that eliminates the “helmet” appearance of many other products.

As a make-up artist, John Blake had difficulty finding high quality Wigs and Facial Hair that did not exceed his budget. Thus, he began creating his own Wig and Facial hairpieces in his garage. Customized Wigs and Facial Hair are triple the cost of what you can find in John Blake’s exceptional stock.

Both men’s and women’s Wigs are made with a very fine Swiss lace that allows his creations to be lighter in weight, cooler to wear, and provides better definition.

With his superior creations, John Blake quickly became the go-to guy in the film industry for pick-up shots, which require him to exactly match previous Wigs and Facial Hair worn by the actor.

Generous with his knowledge and expertise, John Blake teaches classes in hand-tying Facial Hair. He has become known in the industry for his willingness to also teach individuals on-set and when they come to him with questions.

John Blake’s Wigs & Facial Hair has become a highly respected provider of quality creations in the film and television industry. With credits from, The Revenant, Vinyl, Lincoln and Behind the Candelabra to Mad Men and Law & Order, the desirability of John Blake’s artistry is unquestionable.