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Handlebar Mustache
Terry Moyer (Missouri, United States)
High Quality- Temporary Replacement

Very high quality, I ordered mine cause I will be loosing my hair cause of Chemo, I have always had a mustache and I still will during my treatments. Thank you!!

Extra Small Goatee
Zay H. (Oregon, United States)

I have purchased a couple of their Goatee Beards, both the Large and Extra Small with Pip. The incredible quality of their items cannot be praised enough! I am female and I do male Cosplay, Pirate and Drag King. This year for Halloween, I went as The Dude, from The Big Lebowski. Friends I have known for ten+ years did not even know it was me...The detail and gorgeous love they put into their products will keep me coming back here, and ONLY here, for many years to come!

John Blake's Wigs & Facial Hair Catalog
Stephen Neiswanger (Minnesota, United States)

John Blake's Wigs & Facial Hair Catalog

Long Sideburns
John Grantham (Louisiana, United States)

Customer service is second to none. I was placing my order from out of town and the team worked closely with me to make sure that I got what I needed

Handlebar Mustache
Josh Holmes (Washington, United States)
Incredibly believable, extremely high quality

Bought this for a costume party and hoped it would look good. Once it arrived I was blown away by the quality. Very believable, with realistic appearance and fine details. Holds up at close range. Wife and friends were similarly impressed.

Ben Nye Spirit Gum 1oz
William Kitz (New York, United States)
Order pending

Its been 14 days since I placed this order and still have not received it cannot say anymore till I receive this order.

Crimped Loose Hair
Marta Colon (Florida, United States)
Good quality

i used to do beards. Great product

Large Triangle Sideburns
Thomas Sheerin (Massachusetts, United States)
Large Triangle Sideburns

Got these to fill in my beard were I am lacking side density for Santa portrayal The worked out great the lace is so fine it is undetectable

Extra Small Goatee
Diane Nimik HOD Iatse local 856 makeup dept (Manitoba, Canada)
beautiful even when trimmed close to see skin

very real

Long Full Beard
C.W. (British Columbia, Canada)
Happy Always

Love these products. I have never disappointed in the quality look and haw they stand up to wear of weeks on set.

12 inch Regular Men's Wigs
Gigi (Georgia, United States)
love the wig, but why the grey?

I've noticed all of the mens wigs have grey in them. not sure why. I always have to dye the grey out though, which is a bit annoying. Otherwise no complaints. they work great for my purposes.

Extra Small Goatee
Todd Debreceni (Colorado, United States)
John Blake Hits it Out of the Park

You guys are amazing. I can always count on the best quality, and quick delivery. You've done it for me again! This time I will be showing off your work on the slopes of Norway!

Regular Mustache
Rodrigo Sanchez (Texas, United States)

I love ordering from John Blake's wigs! So easy, and always arrive so quickly!

Crimped Loose Hair
Ally (New York, United States)

Love this for beard fronting so much more than crepe wool!!!

Handlebar Mustache
Mike (Virginia, United States)
Nice stache

Nice stache bro

Large Triangle Sideburns
Randall Saavedra (Texas, United States)

I’ve been a loyal customer for years! Never disappointed!!

6 inch Regular Men's Wigs
L Gray Sartin (Georgia, United States)
You guys are awesome.

This is my fourth wig from your company and that says it all.

6 inch Sides and Back
Alexander McPherson (Georgia, United States)
Only order from John Blake's

Not only is their customer service fantastic, but their hair peices never disappoint.

Note for the 6" Sides and Back: since there aren't images of how far back the hairline goes, it recedes behind the crown, to the point where the rearmost hairline is not visible at eye level from the front.

16 inch Women's Wig
Pablo Morillas (Catalonia, Spain)

Great wig, very happy with it

6 inch Realistic Afro Wig
ashley nay (Ontario, Canada)

This was the perfect wig for the job. As always.

6 inch Sides and Back
T.M. (Nevada, United States)

Way too expensive.

6 inch Realistic Afro Wig
Robert Diehl (New York, United States)
Not what I was expecting.

It was a ladder back instead of a lace piece so it wasn’t as good as I had hoped for.

6 inch Realistic Afro Wig
Christina Kortum (Georgia, United States)
Dyeing issues

Was unable to dye the white hairs of the wig with any sort of colorant. White hairs refuse to take color.

Regular Mustache
Shua Jackson (Florida, United States)
Fantastic Mustache!

Very pleased with the quality of this mustache and I highly recommend for TV/Film use!

22-24 inch Human Hair Weft
Helen Malone (California, United States)
Always a joy

The quality and professionalism of John Blake is why we return again and again! Thank you!!